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With 44 years of experience in schools throughout the district, the following examples of successfully sponsored agenda items include, but are not limited to:

prohibited the use of data transmission devices (texting, cell phone use, listening to music by earplug) while operating school-board owned vehicles;

strengthened current policies and practices related to head and brain injuries sustained during athletic events and physical education classes which resulted in a successful partnership with Miami Children’s Hospital that ensured all district high school athletes receive free EKG screenings in order to identify and prevent sudden cardiac death while to participating in designated sports;

expanded the program with Nicholas Children’s Hospital to include all students being able to receive free EKGs in order to identify and prevent sudden cardiac arrest;

ensured each middle and high school is staffed with a School Board Police Officer to enhance student safety;

directed a review and total update for the Office of Professional Standards and its Personnel Investigative Model – resulting in a savings of $2.5 million to our district and moved to end maintaining employees under investigation;

updated procedures and policies to permit student payments online related to the sale of products, such as, school pictures, class rings, graduation fees, field trips, and yearbooks;

expanded a powerful Digital Citizenship Awareness Campaign to educate all students, parents, and guardians of their rights, responsibilities, and available resources as digital citizens-Implemented the Sandy Hook Promise, “See Something, Say Something” gun-violence prevention programs and trainings and initiated a “Start with Hello” Program which teaches children, teens and young adults how to be more socially inclusive and connected to one another … all training were paid for by the Sandy Hook Promise;

facilitated the adoption of Mindfulness Practices through professional development for administrators, teachers, and employees, as well as, its use and application in the classroom and curriculum district wide;

included the training of student service personnel, administrators, and teachers in the identification of and assistance to our children who were victims of Human Trafficking and Slavery while speaking across the country at seminars and workshops.