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District 9 Resources

Agreement Between Business Travel Advisors and
The School Board of Miami-Dade County

Briefing ID #: 7642

ALL PRINCIPALS/ASSISTANT PRINCIPALS: Agreement Between Business Travel Advisors and
The School Board of Miami-Dade County

Audience: All Principals/APs, All Employees , All Teachers

Due Date: n/a
Meeting Date: n/a

To provide an opportunity to schools to earn additional funds for their Special Purpose Account.

At the Board Meeting of January 14, 2009, and Pursuant to a Request for Proposals to provide travel-agency services to the School Board of Miami-Dade County, Florida an agreement with Business Travel Advisors was approved.

  • Business Travel Advisors, (a/k/a DCPS Travel Store) is permitted to provide complete travel services and support to Miami-Dade county Public Schools personnel and their dependents, requesting personal travel arrangements
  • This can be achieved through Leisure Travel Solution Web site or by phone at 305.594.7557
  • The leisure travel website can be found in th Employee Portal or at www.dcpstravelstore.com
  • Business Travel Advisors (BTA) will give back 10% of all commissions earned via the utilization of Leisure Travel Solution for "leisure" vacation planning
  • When booking air, hotel and cars on the site, be sure to include the name of your school or department on the 2nd address line
  • Each school will be provided a quarterly report with all vacation sales made for each individual school for "leisure vacations" (not business); a check for 10% of commissions and a letter of donation for their internal audit file
  • These funds are to be deposited into your school's Special Purpose Account, as requested by the donor, DCPS Travel Store, a division of Business Travel Advisors
  • Please refer to the Manual of Internal Accounting for appropriate expenditures through this account.

Contact: Cynthia Gracia, Administrative Director ( 305.995.1891 )
Department: District/School Operations